• This little piggy couldn’t be a bigger lifesaver. This gift is a source of natural fertilizer that helps crops grow tall and strong, and can also be sold at the market for extra income when it's needed.

  • When a piglet is paired with the extra (and extra messy) gift of manure, a family will receive double the fertilizer to grow crops that are bigger, healthier and heartier.

  • One dairy cow can produce a few gallons of calcium-packed milk each day. A family can receive the nutrition they need and also start a small business selling extra milk, cheese and more. With food, funds and fertilizer, the gift of a cow has got it all.

  • We all know that hand-washing is an important way to stay healthy and control the spread of disease, including COVID-19. This gift provides sanitation supplies and education for households, schools, clinics and other public spaces, and is a key way to protect the most vulnerable and save lives.