• With this gift — a combination of two of our most popular gifts — a family gains access to an ongoing supply of eggs from their chickens, protein-packed milk from their goat, and a steady source of income.

  • Care for God’s little ones with a gift to nurture their faith. With lessons, supplies and teaching aids, you can equip fast-growing communities of faith with Christian education materials to make the gospel accessible to children of all ages.

  • Just one week of supplies can help treat hundreds of people. Diagnostic tests, antibiotics and treatments for common illnesses are among the basic supplies every clinic needs to treat patients and save lives.

  • Women produce half the world’s food without access to the same resources as their male counterparts. With an opportunity to attend farmers’ field school, women learn the latest advancements in agriculture and help nourish their families and communities.

  • Vocational training centers teach trades that are in high demand — mechanics, welding and carpentry, to name a few. With new skills, individuals are equipped to begin a new career and provide more opportunities for their family.

  • Goats can go where other animals can’t, surviving in some of the world’s most challenging terrain. Goat's milk provides nutrition for children and their families, and goats are quick to reproduce — which means a family can pass this life-saving gift onto others.

  • Whether people are looking for refuge from the streets or a little extra help to get by, a warm meal can go a long way. Your gifts help support soup kitchens across the country as they serve up meals to people in need.

  • Lutherans are known for their active role in the lives of refugees. While refugee camps shelter people who have fled their homes due to war and violence, food supplies are critical to helping families stay healthy after a long, dangerous journey to safety.

  • Many farmers around the world rely on rainwater to nourish their crops, and a lack of rainfall can make entire communities vulnerable to drought and hunger. Irrigation systems can relieve the stress of unpredictable weather for farmers and their families.

  • You can help a woman from one of our global companion churches complete her education in business, women’s rights, peace studies or other areas. Be an early part of a young leader’s story, and one day we’ll all benefit from what she shares with the world.

  • Many women have a dream to start their own small business, but it's hard to get started. A microloan helps a woman start her business — weaving, baking or running a storefront, for example — to create a steady source of income and help her family escape poverty.

  • The future of this church relies on the next generation of leaders. Help future pastors and deacons throughout the ELCA say “yes” to God’s call to ministry by supporting and encouraging outstanding candidates for seminary.